About Us

The company was established in 2011. The main objective was to attract foreign direct investment to emerging economies and to create awareness of their thriving industries providing first-class corporate services. The first approach was to create video content for such companies in order to increase their awareness and scope to later provide other corporate services.

Iberia Consulting is the spin-off of Global Television and is dedicated to bringing business together. This company is especially focused on creating trade relationships between companies internationally.

In Iberia Consulting our International trade consultants and analysts are specialized in the organization, coordination and execution of business meetings during fairs, exhibitions and trade missions.

  • We help you identifying partners that fit your business strategy, organizing the agendas for the meetings and perform monitoring for every single contact you have established.
  • We have broad experience in organizing agendas inside international trade fairs, but also fully designing individual travel and trade missions in different countries.
  • We guide your company in the definition and understanding of your industry in order to carry out better business decisions. Our analysis is based on the answers to individual target questions rather than in the review of broad industry trends.
  • Our research is tailored to each company depending on the possibilities of introduction of each product in its potential market.

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Grow Your Business

We are focused on helping international companies and institutions from the public and private sector expand. We do this by helping you to enter new markets and to export your products and services. We offer tailor made services depending on your needs.

Matching people

Matching people through our network, databases and digital tools. We connect exporters and importers from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. We do this for different sectors, Food, Medical, Tourism, Health care and Construction and many more all according to interest.

Plan Your Agenda

Excellent preparation for Trade Missions, B2B Match making business events and Trade Fairs is crucial for success. We will do your Business Event Management for all your activities throughout the year and we will help you plan and select most efficiently.


One of the keys to running a successful expansion strategy is assessing your overall performance after each activity. We for instance provide full reports with summaries and recommendations after each Trade Mission and Trade show you attend.

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